Files a Distribution and Speculations on HTC Looks Continue

The wait for HTC has been long and tedious but the speculations make the wait exciting. With 50% of mobile subscribers owning smart phones the expectation, for HTC to hit the market and increase the number of smart phone users further, is definitely not low.


is believed to intend to increase its share of number of users using smart phones into multiple times with its release of HTC. Statistics show that 50.4% of all mobile users are using smart phones and that number has been further classified into the Operating Systems being used. Amongst smart phone users 48% seem to be using the Android platform, 32% seem to be using the iOS platform and the rest seem to use the Blackberry and other miscellaneous platforms.

With this statistical report confirming a second place, is now keen on multiplying the number by adding attributes to the HTC which will improve the already surrounding excitement. And HTC app developers are looking and scavenging for each and every minute detail which will help them to be on their toes when the phone gets released.

Expectations Rise due to Other Phones

With the release of another much awaited phone which was expected to be as good as HTC, the expectation for HTC has iPhone SE 2 Flip Case Amazon only increased. As that phone has not met the requirements and the expectations users are eagerly looking forward for the release of the HTC. is expected to upgrade to a 1Gb RAM only and not a 2GB RAM as the processor which is believed to come along is a A5X or A6 processor (possibly quad-core).

The display is expected to be bigger than, the last version and, the other smart phones available in the market. HTC app developers are looking forward to developing applications with respect to the display which is believed to be better than the already existing Retina Display which now has a crystal clear display which makes the user read, see and watch with hundreds of pixels more.

Quest for Domain

seems to have filed a Distribution with World Intellectual Property Organization to gain access to the domain name Currently this domain is being used by a website which is an HTC fan forum. This site discusses various topics on the updates and features of the upcoming phone that are under speculation. Though this act of creates solid conjectures on the possible name of your iOS smartphone, it could even be just a move by the company to protect the world at large from scams which would target unwary fans.

Speculations Pile on about HTC New Look

The modern version of HTC is believed to be longer and iPhone SE 2 Wallet Case Amazon thinner than its predecessor HTC and 4S. Speculated measurements arrive approximately at 125mm by 58.5mm by 7.4mm, which makes the new generation HTC significantly thinner and longer but the width of the phone remains the same.

Since there is not going to be a change in the width of your display it is reasonable to predict that the aspect ratio with the display is going to change for the first time since the original HTC was introduced in 2007. Similar changes happened during the shift from the fourth generation HTC Nano to the fifth which did not affect any 3rd party software but such a drastic shift in aspect ratio will definitely have its influence on the software developed for the new phone, this has to be considered with utmost care by all the HTC app developers and HTC app programmers.

is Looking Ahead

With various speculations and predictions going around HTC fans and HTC app developers, needs to be conscious about each and every aspect on the phone to provide for all expectations.

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